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With Polymer Modified Asphalt (PMA) and Specialty Asphalts
Our Products are made to resist regular wear and tear that cause cracking and deformation. In fact, many of our modified asphalts last up to 10 years longer.

More Durable

  • Rutting resistance
  • Wearing resistance
  • Crack resistance

Less Life Cycle Cost

  • Reduce the frequency of re-pavement
  • Rational pavement term and cost efficiency


  • Porous pavement
  • International Roughness Index improvement


  • Porous pavement
  • Better fuel consumption
International Roughness Index

Fact 1

SHOREKI is the only one company who can cover from upstream to downstream of Asphalt business in Japan.

Fact 2

SHOREKI has 55 years history in Asphalt business which reflects our high product quality and technical expertise.

SHOREKI Knows Everything About Asphalt Business

Product Specialisation

With Japan Technology, We Bring Out The Best To Make A Real Difference.

Straight Asphalt

Straight asphalt is a bituminous substance obtained by removing light components from crude oil using atmospheric and vacuum distillation units.

Modified Asphalt

Modified asphalt is a material in which thermoplastic elastomers , etc., are uniformly dispersed and dissolved into asphalt to improve strength and durability.

Asphalt Emulsion

Asphalt emulsion is a brownish liquid in which asphalt is made into small particles and dispersed in water, and it is used on roads by spraying or mixing with stones at normal temperature.

Asphalt Mixture

Asphalt mixture is a material in which coarse aggregate, fine aggregate, filler, and asphalt are mixed together at a specified ratio.